Savoury Tarts 

Preparation Time
Cooking Time      

You Need
Tarts cases
Salted butter       
(or salt free butter
 +1/4 tbsp salt)

Cold water
Maggi Mushroom Soup 
Spring onion

: 12 tarts
: 15 mins
: 15-20 mins

: 2 cups
: 100 gm

: 7 tbsp

: 1 packs
: 2 cups
(300 ml)
: 250-300 gm
: 1 (chopped)



Tarts Cases

  • Cut cold butter into small pieces. Using a palette knife rub butter into the maid.

  • Sprinkle cold water over maida and using a palette knife combine into a ball.

  • With minimum handling, roll into 1/4 "thick pastry. Using a cutter, cut out circles of 2" diameter.

  • Line the lightly greased tart cases with pastry and bake blind* at 180o C for 10-15 mins.

  • Allow to cool.


  • Cook Maggi Mushroom Soup in milk till thick and creamy, stirring constantly.

  • Add cubed paneer and spring onion. Fill tart cases and bake in oven for 5 minutes till heated.
    * Bake blind:  Baking without any filling. You first prick the cases with a fork and place a small square of butter paper in the centre with a few rajmah beans (raw) in it to prevent the tart case from ballooning.