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Renuka Ji The most important place of tourist interest in Sirmaur and the third point of this triangle is the sacred and picturesque lake of Renuka, 45 kms. from Nahan. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Himachal Pradesh having crystal clear water. It is shaped like a sleeping women. Renuka was killed by her own son, the legendary Parsu Ram, in obedience to the orders of his father-the sage Jamadagni. After the deed was done, lake Renuka was formed surrounded by stepped fields of golden corn. Today the myth is brought to the fore when, each year in November, a fair is held to celebrate the immortality of Renuka and her son. The key-notes of the colourful fair are the festivity and devotional exuberance. It lasts for a week in which cultural programmes and folk dances are organised for the entertainment of visitors. Several idols of Parsu Ram, believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and other local deities, placed in decorated palanquins, are carried by an impressive procession to Parsu Ram Tal. Before the idols are installed in the temple, they are given a bath in this holy lake symbolising the body of the mother. 

The poeple from the surroundings areas gather here, chant praises of the two immortals, worship at the temple and take a dip in the holy water. An old ceremony takes place as the celebrants exchange turbans or caps or even a handful of water to become brothers and sister in the name of the deity. On the eve of the festival, markets springs up with stalls and amusements at which locally made wares are peddled together with home grown produce. Boating facilities are available in this lake. 

Tibetian Temple:-
This temple was built in late 80's & has significant value for Tibetian & general people in the Distt. This temple is believed to have secret Devine powers for which it is worshipped & visited by tourists all round the year. It is situated about 16 k.m. north of Paonta Sahib amidst peaceful & loveable surroundings In the foothills of mountains ranges of Himalayas. Tibetian tribal people celebrate their festivals & joys paying homage to this sacred place.


Renuka ji temple



Tibetian temple